Key factors to overcome depression

What are the key factors to overcome depression?

Exercise – This physical activity is definitely a must for those who have depression as well as for those who often feel down. Medical studies and researches are extremely favorable when it comes to this area which have confirmed that in comparison with antidepressant, physical exercise can be at least as beneficial in helping those who have depression. When physical exercises are being performed, the level of endorphins in the brain is increased. Endorphin is the hormones found in the brain that creates a “feel good” feeling.

Check your stress level – Being depressed is a very serious health condition, but it is never a disease. Rather, it just signifies that there are imbalances in your life and your body. This is something everyone needs to be aware, that the moment you begin to think that depression is an illness, you will think that you will need a drug to overcome it. However in reality, what is required for you to overcome your depression is to get your life back in balance, and reducing your stress level is one of the best ways to meet that.

Meditation to overcome depression – Sometimes, what you need is just a simple walk outside or in the park. And to add to that, sometimes we may not consciously be aware that we have emotional issues and we need to use a system to aid us in addressing it. One of the favorites for many people is the Emotional Freedom Technique or simply known as EFT. However, when it comes to serious stress or depression, then it is best to consult your mental health professional to guide you as they are also an EFT practitioner.

Practice a healthy eating diet – Something that many people have overlooked in their daily diet and this is another crucial factor. The foods that we eat have a great impact on our mood as it controls our ability to be happy, and consuming whole foods that are nutritious will definitely be the greatest support towards your mental health. Another way to cope and address depression is to normalize the levels of our insulin and leptin in our body. As such, avoid unnecessary sugar and grains as much as possible,

Eat foods with essential fats to support an ideal brain function – It is strongly encouraged to add high-quality and animal-based omega-3 fat as supplements to our daily diet. Krill oil is a good example of omega-3 fat. In the quest to conquer depression, this may be the one most crucial nutrient we required.

Expose to sunshine – Get outdoor to expose to plenty of sunlight. Getting enough exposure of sunlight will gives us a healthy dose of vitamin D which is another important factor in fighting depression or to keep it away. Past medical researches have discovered that people with insufficient levels of vitamin D were more prone to get depression compared to those who basked in enough sunlight. Deficiency in vitamin D should have been the norm and not exception, and it has been previously implicated in the treatment of both neurological and psychiatric disorders.