Anxiety and Depression Symptoms

Similarity between anxiety and depression

There is certainly a lot of similarity relating to the signs of anxiety and depression symptoms and the two commonly occur together. Particularly, depression symptoms frequently comes after a duration of anxiety. In a national study in the US, 58 per cent of patients having a major depressive disorder had been identified to have a health-related anxiety disorder. Both the conditions tend to be rather distinct, nonetheless. Put crudely, anxiety is a form of diffused fear which in turn causes your brain to battle with worry and the rest of your body to tense in readiness for action. It doesn’t essentially provoke action of any beneficial form, and when anxiety becomes too extreme it results in a sort of paralysis, or perhaps needless worrying and jitteriness that leads to exhaustion.

Equally as most of us feel low from time to time without having to be clinically depressed or ill, we also experience anxiety without getting clinically ill. Without a doubt, depressive disorders and anxiety can sometimes be healthy and in some cases desirable. It would be surprising if we did not feel depressed concerning the loss of a family member or perhaps the loss of employment we enjoyed. Likewise, it would be surprising if we did not feel anxious with regards to a very important exam.

Even though generally there is no obvious cut-off point between healthy concern and potentially disabling anxiety or depression, generally speaking, a few types of emotional stress are rather normal in the short term, although they cease to be so if they persist over weeks or months.

Quick checklist of symptoms between depression and anxiety

Depression Symptoms Anxiety Symptoms

Low mood, sad, despondent, dejected Tense, constantly feeling under pressure

Sluggish, characterized by poor concentration,
indecisiveness and guilt
Racing, resulting in the mind going blank and a
lack of perspective

Hiding away, clinging dependency, no interest in
leisure activities
On edge, restless, lacking control

Biological symptoms
Poor appetite or weight loss/increased appetite
or weight gain, sleep problems, low libido, feelings of
Lightheadedness, clammy hands, shakiness, dry
mouth, sleep problems, muscle tension