Are Manic Depression and Bipolar The Same

Are Manic Depression and Bipolar Disorder Similar Mental Problems?

There is always a big question mark when it comes to manic depression and bipolar disorder. Actually, these two terms might refer to the same type of very serious mental disorder. They are both mood disorders, characterized by periods of depression and periods of highs. This is usually a lifelong disorder, and the consequences can be very tragic if it is not managed well. On the other hand, some notable people have suffered from this disorder and managed to lead very productive lives.

In the old days, people used to call this disorder being manic. Bipolar disorder is a more formal and current term. So when people ask manic depression and bipolar similar, the answer is they are probably two terms that refer to the same thing.

If You Have Bipolar Disorder…

Bipolar DisorderIf you are diagnosed with bipolar disorder, you might need to visit with a good psychiatrist. He can help you manage your mood disorder with therapy and prescription medication. It is important to take the medication just as your doctor prescribes it. The failure to do so could lead you back to your mental disorder.

If you cannot afford mental care or your prescriptions, you might seek some assistance. There are foundations and even public programs that can help you pay the costs of the health care that you really need. is a good website that lists a variety of these programs. Assistance ranges from help paying for prescriptions to getting qualified for financial assistance to finding low-cost treatment centers.

Are Manic Depression and Bipolar Similar Mental Problems?

These two terms probably refer to the same class of mood disorders. These are real issues, and they need treatment. It is not possible to simply have a strong will to get yourself out of problems like these! With good treatment, you have to ability to lead a productive life.