Generalized Anxiety Disorder

What You Need To Know About Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Every person worried about something, be it money, health or family problems. A person with generalized anxiety disorder, however, is extremely worried about things even if there is absolutely no reason to worry about them. He or she is quite anxious about getting through the day and has the feeling that things might go badly. At times, this worrying might even prevent them from performing their ordinary day to day tasks.


Also known as GAD, it may run in the family. However, it is unsure why some people suffer from it while others do not. Research shows that various parts of the brain are involved when it comes to fear and anxiety. By understanding about fear and anxiety in the brain, it is possible to treat this condition. It is also believed that stress and the environment play a role too in causing this condition.

Signs and Symptoms

It is easy to recognize a person who is suffering from generalized anxiety disorder. This is because they do not seem to get rid of any concerns that they have even when they are aware that their anxiety is much more intense than the situation actually warrants. It is difficult for them to relax and they may have trouble concentrating even on small matters. They also startle very easily.

These signs are accompanied by physical symptoms such as headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, muscle tension, trembling, twitching and nausea. Since the condition develops slowly, symptoms are likely to get better or worse especially in times of stress. If it turns very severe, a person might find it difficult to perform even his or her daily duties.

People are diagnosed with GAD when they worry excessively about a number of problems every single day for about 6 months. They might visit a doctor a whole lot of times before they are finally diagnosed with this condition. This is because it might take a doctor quite a while before he can be sure that a person is suffering from GAD and not something else.

Treatments for generalized anxiety disorder

There are a number of treatments you can take for your condition if you are suffering from GAD. One of these treatments is Psychotherapy. The type of psychotherapy that is most effective is one known as cognitive behavior therapy. This type of therapy teaches you the different ways in which you can think, behave or react to situations. As a result, you will feel less anxious or worried.

You can also try out medication to treat this condition. A doctor can prescribe you some medication that will help you endure this condition. There are two types of medications that you might use. One of them is anti-anxiety medications. These are very powerful and exist in many different types. Most of these types work but it is not advisable to take them for too long.

Another type of medication is using anti-depressants. They might be used to treat depression but they are also very useful when it comes to treating GAD. However, they may take a while before they start working. They are also associated with a number of side effects like headaches, difficulty in sleeping and nausea.