What are the signs and symptoms of depression?

Signs and symptoms of depression

What are the symptoms of depression?
Classic depression, also called unipolar depression, is characterized by feelings of misery, anxiety and apathy. These main symptoms may help you spot depression. You may have severe depression if you feel depressed nearly all the time, on most days, lose interest or pleasure in routine activities.

Mental and emotional symptoms
Despondency and feeling low are typical of depression. Pessimism and a negative outlook are hallmarks. you may feel flat and tearful, unable to enjoy normally pleasureable activities, be indifferent to or irritable with your partner and children and feel generally miserable and hopeless. Crying for no apparent reason is common.

Anxiety can become so acute that you fear you are going mad. Perhaps, you simple “don’t feel yourself”. Things may look worse in the morning and improve as you force yourself to get on with the day. You may feel inadequate and a failure and think that you are a burden and a we blanket, feeling guilty and blaming yourself when things go wrong. You may lose interest in things, including sex. You may feel tempted to stay in be all day.

You may feel that your mental focus is poor and you are losing concentration. Your memory may start letting you down. A sense of disorientation and dislocation can be overwhelming, and a sense of dread and alienation may lead to panic.

Physical symptoms
Loss of energy is a typical symptom. You may feel drained, worn out and as if everything is too much effort. You may suffer from various aches and pains. You may lose your appetite or, on the other hand, be eating more, snacking between meals and feeling a strong desire for carbohydrate. Your weight may start to increase or decrease for no obviously apparent reason, such as starting a diet or taking more exercise.

You may find it difficult to go to sleep at night, wake up repeatedly during the might or very early in the morning. You may feel tired throughout the day and unable to resist an afternoon sleep. You may want to go to bed much earlier than usual and sleep for longer.

Suicidal feelings
At worst, depressed people start to find every day a torment and begin for wish for a release. They become preoccupied with death and methods of suicide.

Many people suffering from depression are not able to understand what is happening to them or communicate their feelings to those closest to them. Below are some of the commonest symptoms –

  • Lose or gain a significant amount of weight
  • Feel excessively sleepy or unable to sleep on virtually all days
  • Early waking and difficulty in getting to sleep
  • Markedly slow down, feel sluggish and fatigue
  • Lack of energy and feel tired
  • Experience inappropriate guilt or feeling of worthlessness
  • Lose concentration and have difficulty making decisions
  • Think about death or suicidal attempts
  • Pessimism, lack of humor, despondency, misery and despair
  • Irritability, agitation, trembling and panic
  • Loss of interest and libido, tearfulness
  • Poor concentration and memory, disorientation, alienation
  • Talking and walking in “slow motion”