Are depression and anxiety linked

Are There Any Connection Between Depression And Anxiety?

Depression and anxiety are closely related and most people do not suffer one without the other. Many people wonder are depression and anxiety linked, however having one condition does not seem to trigger the other. They do however seem to typically occur simultaneously.

When you suffer from mental stress, anxiety and depression can be expressions of it. When you are in a low state of energy it is often considered depression. When you are in a high state of energy that is often considered anxiety. Someone who suffers depression also tends to have a lot of panic attacks due to anxiety.

AnxietyWhen asking are depression and anxiety linked, it can be somewhat of an in depth answer. Although they have similar signs, depression can create emotions such as anger and despair. Typically you feel overwhelmed with your day to day life. when you have depression you tend to have negative thoughts that are long lasting and feelings of sadness.

Anxiety creates emotions of irrational panic or fear when you are in situations where most people do not feel threatened. You may have sudden panic attacks and have constant anxious or worried feelings. You feel this overwhelming dread. Without treatment both disorders can debilitate your life.

Both of these disorders can be triggered from a similar cause such as a traumatic situation or event. Both disorders are also associated with a chemical imbalance in the brain. Treatment for both of these disorders is very similar. Antidepressant medication can be used not only to treat depression but anxiety as well. It can help people to overcome feelings of both conditions.

Are depression and anxiety linked together? Although they are very similar in cause, chemical imbalance, and treatments, each disorder does not seem to be the trigger of the other.