Are Depression and Obesity Related

Is there a connection between depression and obesity?

Depression and obesity are like brother and sister. This is because one can be caused by the other if not watched or maintained.  Persons who suffer from depression have almost similar behaviors, because most of them turn to eating fast foods and more than their bodies can handle, thus leading to obesity. There are many depression and obesity related situations that sync these conditions together on most people as discussed below.

Unhealthy eating habits

According to a private research, persons who are obese consider themselves unhealthy and unfit to converse with other people in the Depression and obesitycommunity. They tend to adopt unhealthy eating behaviors, which lead to poor health and sanitation.  This factor is mostly recorded among persons of high socio-economic status, and when obesity starts setting they do not appreciate their bodies anymore, thus depression sets in. Most of these people are depressed because they are worried about their statuses and what other people will say about their new ‘body’.

Depression causes a lot of harm to the body in that, the body starts producing hormones that lead to major changes in the body.  The hormonal changes in the body cause major physiological changes and reduced immunity, which thus brings in more problems to the body. When such physiological changes start taking effect of the body, one then starts eating unhealthy diets leading to increase in body mass. These people’s bodies cannot take in regular exercising due to the hormonal changes. This creates a good answer on depression and obesity related issues.

Effects of depression and obesity on the body

With all these depression and obesity related causes having effects on the body, the same can be handled to restore ones fitness health and enhance his or her moods.  This however calls for proper dieting and acceptance of one’s health.  Depressed persons should be encouraged to participate in social activities, where the participants of the same appreciate their presence and influence.  Dealing with depression alone can help take care of obesity and its adverse effects, because one will start seeing a new self and appreciate his or her body.