Acupuncture for Depression

Treating depression with acupuncture

Acupuncture has been used as a healing system by the Chinese since the ancient time and has been effective in treating the various types of health conditions successfully, including depression. For over 2,000 years, acupuncture is believed to have been used as a form of treatment. In the earlier days, acupuncture was not well accepted in the western countries as a method of treatment. In-depth studies and research have been done on acupuncture and they have been found to be successful in treating many diseases. WHO or the World Health Organization has even recognized that acupuncture could effective treat more than 40 various types of diseases. Besides, acupuncture can also treat depression effectively.

This is indeed a very exciting piece of history on the discovery of using acupuncture as a healing method. It was during the war, that the Chinese warriors discovered it in the battlefield. Those injured Chinese warriors claimed that the diseases and pain that they had were reduced significantly after using acupuncture treatment. Some were even cured. With these, the ancient Chinese people discovered acupuncture as a form of ancient medical and health practice.

All over the world, depression which is a mental disorder has been inflicting many people and is on the rise. In United States alone, there are an estimated 7% of the total population that have experienced depression at one point or another in a given year. In that 7% affected, less than 25% will actually seek proper medication for their depression condition. Thus, it is paramount for the public to be fully educated about depression and the various methods of treatment. Acupuncture for depression has been found to be effective when it comes to alternative medicine.

Suffering from a bout of depression can cause various health consequences or implications for a person. Besides affecting the health condition of the depressed person or sufferer, it can also potentially affects the social and personal life. Families, friends and people close to that person will also be affected due to the depression condition. Depression does not discriminate against any gender as anyone can be affected at anytime and with any reasons. However, researches and medical studies have found that men are less vulnerable to be affected by depression in comparison to women.

The process of identifying the triggering points of depression in our body is the initial step in treating the illness. If you intent to seek an acupuncture treatment for depression, you should always visit an acupuncture practitioner who is registered and qualified. It is a high risk to seek treatment from unqualified acupuncturist because your treatment may result in other health conditions. Do not compromise on your health as some people tend to ignore this. These risks are not worth taking when it comes to your own well being and health.

In acupuncture treatment, it is based on the basic fact that there are 2 opposite forces in the human body One is the masculine and active force referred to as the yang force while the other feminine and passive force is the yin. It is crucial to have the yang and yin forces in perfect balance in order for the human body to be able to function normally. Any imbalance of either forces will cause the human body to suffer various health problems.

When it comes to acupuncture for depression, the results could varies with different people. This could be due to many reasons and factors. Some of the factors that could affect the acupuncture treatment are like lifestyles, actual condition, habits and diet of the individual. If you are currently undergoing an acupuncture treatment, then complete the course and not quitting halfway. If the treatment is done correctly by a professional and qualified acupuncturist, the results could be very effective.