Depression Treatment Centers

Generally, all well equipped depression treatment centers should incorporate holistic therapies like exercise and dietary planning, talk therapy and counseling sessions, medical recommendations, motivational materials, and other related useful materials.You or your loved ones may be suffering from depression if there are feelings of constant fatigue, hopelessness, encountering sleep pattern disruption, losing interest in daily activities, loss of appetite, difficulty in making simple decision, having guilty feelings, or even suicidal urges.

Treatment for Depression

Depression is not just a simple case of the blues but rather a potential devastating and serious medical disorder that could be effectively treated with proper medication, therapies, or even a combination of both.

People always have the misconception that they could handle their depressive disorder themselves and does not requires any help from others. However, you are strongly encouraged to seek medical help if you exhibit any signs of depression, so that appropriate treatments could be provided.

Visiting a depression treatment center has to be based on a voluntary process as it requires full commitment from both the treatment center and the patient seeking medical help.

Understanding Depression Treatment

Depression Treatment CenterWhen you undergo treatments at the center, a treatment plan should be developed to customized and personalized to meet your unique and specific needs. To ensure a successful process and long term recovery, you should learn to understand and identify the underlying causes of your depressive disorder, as well as learning how to respond to relapses.

Every depression treatment center should generally have a unique plan of direction or actions to be taken. Some of the centers that provide depression treatment are privately managed, while others are run by charitable or non-profit organizations. There are even some that are operated by Universities as well as those that are managed by Christian missionaries.

Below are some of the centers managed by private organizations that provide depression treatment. (Please take note that the order does not necessarily reflect the level of quality in terms of treatment.)

  1. Sierra Tucson Depression Treatment Center, Arizona
  2. The Center For Counseling and Health Resources, Washington
  3. Walden Behavioral Care, Massachusetts
  4. Hollywood Pavilion, Florida
  5. Connecticut Anxiety and Depression Treatment Center, Connecticut
  6. Bayridge Anxiety and Depression Treatment Center, Ontario
  7. Anxiety and Depression Treatment Center, Newport Beach, California
  8. YouthCare Residential Treatment Center, Utah
  9. Sunset Malibu’s Depression Treatment Center, Malibu, California
  10. Skyland Trail, Atlanta

Listed below are the top ten hospitals managed by Universities that provide some of the finest depression treatments.

  1. The Johns Hopkins Hospital (John Hopkins Mood Disorders Center)
  2. Harvard – Massachusetts General Hospital (Department of Psychiatry)
  3. University of Pennsylvania (Department of Psychiatry)
  4. Harvard – McLean Hospital
  5. University of Michigan Depression Center
  6. Stanford University (Depression Research Clinic and Bipolar Disorders Clinic)
  7. University of Louisville Depression Center
  8. University of Colorado Denver Depression Center
  9. Columbia University (Columbia Psychiatry)
  10. The University of California San Francisco Depression Center (UCSF)

Besides the above mentioned treatment centers, you can also find those that provides day treatment or residential depression treatment centers to suit your own needs.