Mood Disorder Cure

When it comes to a mood disorder cure, we need to fully understand what it is all about.

Definition of Mood Disorders

Mood disorders can be defined as disturbances in the emotional status of a person that interferes with his or her daily activities and interaction. Changes in mood are common to any normal human but when this starts to affect the way one lives causing frank debilitation then it is considered a disorder that needs to be treated and cured.

Classification of Mood Disorders

There are various types of mood disorders. The most commonly encountered ones include major and minor depression, bipolar (affective) disorders, dysthymic syndrome and substance induced mood disorders. Patients with depression constantly have very low moods accompanied by loss of interest in previously exciting activities and low self-esteem without any apparent cause.

Mood DIsorder CureDysthymic syndrome on the other hand is a less severe variant of depression characterized by low moods, misery and low self-esteem that are present almost every day for a period of more than two years. Bipolar disorder is characterized by alternating periods of mania and depressed mood. There are three types of bipolar disorder based on the duration of symptoms as well as severity. The last group of mood disorders is the substance induced. The culprit substances in this group include alcohol and certain drugs known as benzodiazepines which are antidepressants.

Causes of Mood Disorders

For years, researches have burned the mid night oil trying to find the causes of mood disorders. There is not yet any consensus on the possible causes of this mental disorder. Authorities believe that it occurs at the brain level due to imbalance between depressing and exiting stimuli. Substances called endorphins have been implicated. There is also a genetic component to the causation of mood disorders as it has been proved to affect first degree relatives of those suffering from this disorder. Other implicated causes include isolation, post-traumatic stress, and poor strategies at coping with life stresses.

Treatment of Mood Disorders

There are different treatments modalities for mood disorders depending on several factors including age, the overall health status, previous medical conditions. Other factors include the type of mood disorder, the severity of the condition, and tolerance of the person to medications and the preferences of the sufferer.

Mood disorders cure can be achieved using a number methods. Depression treatment is done using prescription drugs known as antidepressants. These drugs have been proved to also provide depression cure. Antidepressant drugs have higher chances of causing mood disorder cure when combined with psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy can be used as the sole treatment method for mood disorder treatment. It is based on cognitive-behavioral therapy or interpersonal therapy or a combination of both. These work by attempting to change the negative views that fill the minds of those sufferers. The first thing is to try to identify the sources of their stresses in the surrounding and coming up with ways to avoid them.

Sometimes, the cause of the depressive disorder is the family although such family members may not be aware. In such a case, family therapy would be the most effective treatment modality in the depression cure. It involves training the family members on how to behave around their depressed sibling and how to handle them during their lowest times in order to provide the sufferers with the best mood disorder cure that they need.