Support Groups for Depression

Support groups for depression are very crucial as this mental condition has a high tendency of making you feel very isolated and lonely. A lot of people with depression will usually learn that it is very useful to mingle and meet up with others who could actually understand how it is like to be depressed. This is known as having a peer support.

Self-help support groups for depression

Most people who are depressed will find it helpful when they are able to communicate with someone who can truly understand their predicament and the realization of knowing that you are not alone is indeed very important.

Most people will feel ashamed for being depressed but once they realized that there are also others who are suffering from this same illness, it will really boost their self-esteem.

Support groups give an avenue for those who are depressed to not only receive help, but to also provide in return. Participating in self-help groups for depression can help make a person feel in control as far as their health is concerned. Participants in these type of support groups assist each other, which will then help them to build their self-confidence.

What are the support groups available for those who are depressed?

The importance of support groups for depression.

It may require some researches to find the correct group. If you are depressed due to disability, long-term illnesses, or while providing care for someone, you may want to find a support group with people who are in the same situation or the same condition as yourself. Find an organization that could provide the support for those suffering from the condition.

It is a very big step forward for those attending the support groups as it is usually those who have felt better will make it a point to attend. Consult your personal doctor, local psychological therapy team or search the internet for support groups for depression in your local area.

Once you have identified the list of support groups that you feel comfortable with, call up the coordinator or the facilitator of each group to inquire further. Check with them on the venue, schedule as well as the type of activities they organize to ensure that they are suitable for you.

What are the activities at the depression support group?

At the meetings, it is not only sitting and chatting, but many other activities. Most of these support groups will organize social events and invite qualified speakers to give talks too.

It may be daunting for a first timer to the meeting, but these groups are very welcoming to all new members.

Anyone could attend. Though there has been a stereotype that men are more unlikely to seek help compared to women, nevertheless, a lot of men have actually set-up depression support groups.

Alternative ways to find support as well as supporting others

Online forums and pen friends

Some of these organizations that provide support groups, also have pen-friend programs for their members to communicate with each other. Pen-friend programs are useful especially when it comes to people who do not have any internet access or those who still prefer the conventional postcards and letters method of communication, instead of email.

A lot of these organizations also have online resources and forums for you to read and to know about the other people’s experiences, writing about your own as well as to respond and comment other people’s postings. Some even made full use of the social media and networking to forge a community of people to provide support.

Pursuing your own passions

To be able to interact with people who share a common interest with you can definitely be a great benefit. Look around your local community to find classes or activities that you might enjoy. It could be singing with a choir, photography or even playing in your local sports team.


Whenever people feel depressed, they will usually experience a feeling of low self-esteem or hopelessness. Helping others in the same situation by contributing your time to volunteer is surely a great way to get the feeling of being useful and valued. There are simply so many ways that one could actually volunteer. Just contact the support groups and they should be able to allocate you a task.

Further information and help

Participating in a self-help group is definitely one of the many ways that could actually help you to overcome your depression. It is not an alternative to the medical help for depressive disorder. There are many available treatment options for depression like antidepressant medication, talking therapies, as well as self-help of different kinds.

Visit your personal doctor if you have been feeling down for a couple of weeks, in order to discuss your symptoms. Your doctor should be able to let you know of the treatment choices available and advise you on the most suitable program for you including joining local support groups for depression.