Treating Depression with Tryptophan

How to treating depression with Tryptophan

Tryptophan which acts as a protein building block is actually a type of amino acid which the body will converts into serotonin in a couple of steps chemically. In individuals who suffer from depressive disorder, their serotonin which is also a neurotransmitter is usually not balanced. The conventional antidepressants function is to block the breakdown of serotonin in order to increase the neurotransmitter levels.

Due to that, it makes perfect sense to provide the body with additional of such building blocks in order for it to produce more of the needed serotonin. In the past, Tryptophan was used to be sold over the counter in the health store but due to a contaminated shipment several years ago caused the FDA to remove it from the market before eventually making it available again but only by prescription.

Tryptophan works well together with other nutrients, for example folic acid. Those suffering from depression is recommended to take folic acid in a dosage of 3 mg thrice a day. It may also be helpful with pyridoxal 5 phosphate (phosphorylated B6) two times a day. The dosage for tryptophan is about 1,500 mg and usually will be taken at night. However, the dosage can go up to 3,000 mg.

And this supplement works very well for those suffering from insomnia. As for those thin individuals and those on vegetarians, they could be facing deficiency in protein but when they commence taking in additional protein, they will get extra intake of the required amino acids which will help their depressive disorder condition to improves without even the supplements.