Depression and Family

Having depression and getting support from partner and family

We look to, and often get, support and sympathy in times of distress from those closest to us. However, it is difficult to live with someone who is always depressed and it would be wise to expect no more of your partner and family than of anyone else you know. Indeed, your partner may feel to blame. It is also natural to express any anger to those to whom we are closest and with whom we feel safest. That is difficult for those who love us to tolerate. However bad you feel, do and say what you can to show that you appreciate and love your partner and family. Sometimes this is not easy because depression can blunt loving feelings.

It has been said that happiness is having someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to. Loving someone and being loved is of inestimable value and yet, sadly, some relationships break down under the strain of depression just when their succor and warmth is most needed. Many psychiatrists and other healthcare professionals believe that a good relationship is the key to happiness and success in the other fields of life.

If you have a relative who is depressed, you can help by showing her you care, sending cards, telephoning for a chat, doing little things for her and showing that you understand something of what she is going through.

Your goals
You may feel that now is an appropriate time to take a long, hard look at your life and reassess your goals and priorities, your thoughts and beliefs. Do you have a good balance in your life?

Key Facts: Think back to happier times and recall things that you and your family did that gave you pleasure. Don’t risk losing a valued relationship through your own thoughtlessness and anger. You need to know who and what is important to you, so that you can use your time in a rewarding and effective way. Everyone needs time exclusively for themselves in which to do whatever they wish.