Long Term Solutions for Depression

What are the long term solutions for depression?

Try not to diminish or demean yourself in conversation with friends and colleagues. If you have a low opinion of yourself and your abilities, how can you expect anyone else to hold a good opinion?

Resolving fatigue
Constant tiredness is a debilitating and common aspect of depression. It may even be the first symptom you notice. It is important for your recovery that you take steps to reduce it. Firstly, run through the measures for reducing anxiety. Secondly, ensure that you get good-quality sleep. Thirdly, eat healthily. Fatigue will usually disappear within a fortnight.


  • These are the golden rules for good-quality sleep.
  • Ensure you have a comfortable and supportive bed.
  • Go to bed at roughly the same time each night.
  • Get up at roughly the same time each morning.
  • Make sure that there is nothing to keep you awake in the bedroom, such as books, a television or a radio.
  • Make sure that the room is well ventilated.
  • Make sure that the room is dark.
  • Make sure that the room is quiet.
  • If you cannot sleep, lie quietly in the dark and do your best to relax.
  • Take a warm bath just before bedtime.

Feeling good about yourself

Improving Self-Esteem

  • Make every day count: do at least one thing that you are proud of and happy with.

  • Telephone a close friend for a chat.

  • List your good points and ask a close friend to add to it for you: you can think of at least six positive elements.

  • Accept yourself as you are: you cannot turn yourself into someone else. Concentrate on your good points.

  • Say no when you need to: you don’t have to do everything that is asked of you.

  • Choose your friends: if you are unhappy within any of your relationships, make changes

AffirmationsChoose the ones that appeal and repeat to yourself at intervals throughout
the day.

  • I can do this.

  • I have something to offer people.

  • People like me because I’m
    vivacious/eccentric/reliable/considerate/kind – you choose.

  • I have attractive eyes/hair/body/hands.

  • I am getting better day by day.

  • I am good at mending
    things/sewing/ironing/interior design/golf – you choose.

Key Facts: Take action if you feel tired all the time – this may be a sign of poor self-esteem, anxiety and depression. No one can stay awake night after night. You will sleep when you teach yourself to relax. Low self-esteem amounts to a prejudice against yourself, so avoid shooting yourself in the foot. It is often the things we haven’t done that we regret, rather than those we do. If in doubt, go for it. Professional help is available through your family doctor to enable your to express any troubling thoughts and deal with them.