Best mood stabilizer for bipolar depression

Use of Best Mood Stabilizer for Tackling Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness caused mainly by the chemical imbalance in a brain, with two extreme shifts in mood. One being the aggressive one (mania) and other being the depressive state, to fight or control bipolar disorder you can use a best mood stabilizer for bipolar depression, only after proper checkup and prescription to tackle those tough situations. These medicines should be used carefully as all the medicines are not approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). So, only the approved best mood stabilizer for bipolar disorder should be used, as they have fewer side effects.

Mood stabilizerBipolar disorder occurs in vogue and can be highly problematic as it can affect both, the personal and professional life of the person affected. The severity of the stages varies widely and is highly unpredictable, and people suffering from this disorder can become very problematic and difficult to control very quickly.

Reasons to Choose a Proper Mood Stabilizer

Bipolar disorder is a highly sensitive illness and a slightest mistake in medication can lead to its triggering and aggravation. Mood stabilizers are an inherent part in tackling bipolar disorders and the main reasons for choosing the best mood stabilizer for bipolar disorder are that, these drugs are tried and tested by the FDA and these meet all the standards set by the FDA with minimum side effects. Since wrong medication can be very harmful in bipolar disorder, only these drugs should be used.


Even though bipolar disorder requires a combination of medication, depending on the severity of the disease, Lithium, can be considered as one of the best mood stabilizer for bipolar disorder. First discovered in the 1970’s lithium unlike other prescription drugs needs up to ten days to begin showing effective results. As Bipolar disorder is caused by chemical imbalance of the brain, doctors prefer Lithium over any other medication as it has the least side effects and has been proven effective in more than fifty percent of the patients. The remaining fifty percent require other combinations along with Lithium to show results.


The first effectiveness of this medication was first proven in 1995 and it has since then become one of the best mood stabilizers for bipolar disorder and battle mania. Patients with a long history of mania, depression or mental cognitive impairment respond best to Valproate, and it takes up to twenty one days to start showing effective results.


Even though this medication has not been approved by the FDA to cure bipolar disorder, Carbamazepine has been proven effective in more than sixty percent of the patients as the best mood stabilizer for bipolar disorder. This prescription drug has shown best result when used in combination with Lithium and has been most effective on patients in early stages of Bipolar Disorder.

Bipolar disorder varies from person to person, both from the symptoms to the severity of the mania and depression, and a lot of techniques are used to tackle and treat them. Using mood stabilizers is one of them and only the best mood stabilizer for bipolar disorder should be used.